Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i still love him today. maybe a little bit more. sigh.

i wish i had someone i could ask to stay with me this week while my mom's away. i'm so lonely and when i get this way, all the terrifying symptoms visit me and i do stupid things.

i don't want to sleep alone anymore.

i don't want to be alone anymore.

my heart aches.

Monday, June 29, 2009

warning... stream of consciousness...

i shouldn't have even bought tickets to come out here. or i should have come with much more serious intentions of honoring my Lord and giving even a tiny little shit about how HE loves me.
how is it possible that i think this much, and still make this many mistakes? how do i end up making so many rash, poor choices with insufferable consequences, when all i do all day long is think-think-overthink?
i miss life as young. i miss being four or five or three and being content, quiet, pure, and loved.
maybe i'll feel different tomorrow, sometimes that happens, but what if i don't? what if i stop taking anti-depressants? will i make better choices because i'm not being so rash, or will i make worse (though it can't get much worse) choices because i'm depressed?
i'm going to love him tomorrow. i know this. i love him right now even though i hate him. and the only reason i hate him is because i can see in his eyes that he does not love me. he could never love me, and i know this. and it breaks my heart a little bit more than it's already broken.
he is funny, and so so smart, and when he smiles, i feel like i could look at his face until the end of time. he eats chips in the morning and takes five minutes to put on two shoes. he struts when he walks and does a weird thing with his tongue when he's thinking, or bored, or mindlessly, or i'm not really sure why he does it. i pretend like all of these things annoy me, and maybe the first time i saw him biting his tongue i thought it was weird, but now i know i pretend to be annoyed because if i can find things to dislike in him, then maybe i don't actually love him, and maybe it won't hurt as badly that he doesn't love me.
but it does hurt. it hurts so badly because of a million little things in my life that have led me to this point, when and where i believe that no one loves me, and i'll try anything to find that love. and with hopes so high, yet buried so deeply, i jump in - all in - and i just fall, fall, fall. but hitting the ground is not nearly the most painful part. it's the healing. it's the mending of the cracked ribs and the fractured limbs and the broken, broken body that takes the longest, hurts the most, never ends. i will heal until the day i die. i will die a broken, pasted-back-together, healing creature, in the process of constant mending from cracks old and new, but i will never be this thing people call healed.
is that what tortures me most? that i will never heal? i will heal from him. i know i'll heal from him, but my fissures are deeper and fuller and fresher than silly little him with his tongue-biting. they must be filled and casted and loved tenderly by something, someone, else. for some reason i can't say who. i can't bring myself to say it. and i wish i could stop trying to figure out why i can't say it and just be fixed.

now how do i proceed in my relationship with him? ideally, i will continue to be his friend, and when he treats me like a dick, which is unavoidable, i will laugh it off and proceed as his friend. a good friend, maybe, even. but i know i'm not that cool, i will never be that cool, and there will be times when i'm so so mad at him i will tell him, "fuck you" and try to be done with him. and there will be times when he will sleep with other women, or when his status will change to "in a relationship" and i'll be broken some more. predicting it somehow makes it less painful. but of course not really less painful. just less humiliating.

this is why i hate boys and relationship, and why i love fiction. this is why i spend my hours reading charles dickens and jane austen. because they write stories that win. they write endings that warm. they cure reality with tender plots, and for the hours i spend absorbed in their stories, i can be convinced that the world, and boys and relationship, are not horrific things.

i hurt, too.

this song helps me today.

When you're weary
And haunted
And your life is not what you wanted
When you're trying so hard to find it

When the lies speak the loudest
When your friends are starting to leave
When you're broken by people like me

I hurt too, I hurt too

When an ocean sits right between us
There is no sign that we'll ever cross
You should know now that I feel the loss

I hurt too, I hurt too

Even though you are drowning in valley's of echoes
I believe there is peace in those hills up ahead
You will climb 'til you find places you'll never let go
And I will also be here praying just like I said

I hurt too, I hurt too

-Katie Herzig