Monday, November 8, 2010

One...two...three Old Chubs make a girl honest. 1) I miss the way you kiss, the way you tell me I'm sexy, the way you hold me while we sleep. 2) I wish you would mean to me what I want you to mean to me. 3) I think you're just my friend, until I see you again, then I realise all I want is for you to want me.
I want love. I need love. I need that man to need me the way I know, without a doubt, I need him. But time keeps passing and still he doesn't say, and I know deep down that he doesn't feel that way. This way. The way I feel right now - ready, honest, bound. I am bound. By him, by all hims who have ever been something to me.
Say you need me. Please, dear man, dearest of all dear men, need me now.

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Kristi said...

I haven't been on much and haven't responded in FOREVER!! Wanted to let you know how VERY FAMILIAR this all sounds!! I was boy crazy....starting in the SIXTH GRADE!! Loved them all and despreatly needed them to love me. Finally my true prince came, he is wonderful and we have been together 10 years....the honeymoon has never ended :) Hang in there, be patient (as hard as it is) and when it gets tough write him letters....strange as it sounds I started writing "my future husband" when I was 15 and presented all the letters to Josh sometime after we got married (I think it was like 2 years later). It helped to have him to talk to knowing he would always love me...but not actually knowing who he was. Trusting that God had something wonderful waiting for me and that I just needed to be patient and wait (I suck at waiting!!!)

Thats all...just wanted to share. SO wish you were closer!! Miss you! Have a Merry Christmas and give my love to your family!!